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TissoT Immobilien
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Tissot - Vente immobilier à l'international
Dynamism, performance, motivation, professionalism, quality, discretion and passion are the base of our philosophy. But first of all, the quality deserved by your properties.
Conscious of the asset and the traditions, our experienced collaborators work daily to find responsible solutions in a durable spirit. Listening to the market, proactive, reactive, innovative, visionaries, with a sense of respect, ethics as well as consistency in quality offer a higher value for your goods in the lemanic area.
When the time comes to sell, we will be able to find the quintessence of a property to value it at its optimal price. When the time comes to buy, our team of professionals will advise you on the right price as well as the future potential for both well-being and financially.

When you entrust your assets in management to us we protect your interests because we are conscious of the value you have for the property you entrust us: Of its history, your attachment, but especially of its perennial value to which we pay the greatest attention. We listen to the market, we react to it, we find solutions and innovate both to maintain the state of your property as well as improving its value.

"When you entrust us with your asset, we strive to offer you the best"